The biggest lie people tell themselves about creativity

How often have you heard this lie? “I’m not creative“….or maybe a version like “I wish I could be creative like that…” If you are like me, you hear this ALL THE TIME coming out of people’s mouths. Maybe even your own?? And it makes me downright CRAZY when I hear it….because I KNOW it’s >>Read More

For the Sake of Your Creativity…Just.Let.Go.

It’s time. It’s time to move forward and stop looking back. You are ready. Your creativity is ready and waiting for you to be courageous. Sometimes you have to make a conscious choice to choose to let go. Choice is a gift you give everyday to your creative work and expression. What do you need >>Read More

4 birds who can teach you about the creative process

This summer I vacationed in Maine where I had many opportunities to grab my binoculars and spend a lot of time practicing bird identification. One thing about birdwatching is that patience, focus, and agility (with binoculars) goes a long way! One thing I love about birdwatching is that birds can really teach us a lot >>Read More

How you create fiction every day (even if you aren’t a writer)

Did you realize that you create fiction ALL the time? I mean, like every day….? We create stories ALL the time. You do it. I do too. Do you know what I am talking about? I’m talking about all the fictional stories we create and tell ourselves and the ones we choose to believe. Why >>Read More

5 fast ways to go from being stuck to creating more!

When you are feeling stuck or blocked, do you know how to motivate yourself back into your creative groove? Here are some quick and easy tips to get you moving your creative muse and mojo in the right direction. Which one of these would work for you?  You know yourself best, so choose the tip >>Read More

Ever ask yourself, does my creativity even matter?

Have you ever had a day when you say to yourself, “Does my art/dance/writing/graphic design/cooking ____________________ (fill in the blank) even matter?” Of course you have. I have asked this question too. Every creative spirit asks this question at one time or another. It matters that you ask yourself this question….and it matters how you >>Read More

A message to your rejected creativity

I’ve got a message for your creativity. This is for the times when you face a rejection….whether you are shot down, denied, judged, criticized, put down, ignored, or ripped apart. +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Hey Creativity…. At one point or another in our lives you will come face to face with the wallop to your gut in the >>Read More

5 Ways to Spring Forward With Your Creativity

Daylight Savings Day always gets me thinking about creating more… now that I have more daylight!  Whether you are a morning, middle of the day, or evening creative spirit, the extra hour of day light can be spent creating something youreally want. To me, daylight saving = the beginning of spring. And spring = the >>Read More

Creative Quick Tip: Organize your supplies

Whether you write, paint, act, sculpt, knit, or garden…you are bound to have tools for your creativity. For today’s tip, think about reorganizing your tools or supplies. WHY?  When you handle and interact with your creative tools, this can lead to unexpected creative expression, new ideas and opportunities, as well as much more. Organizing your >>Read More

Make a commitment to your creativity

What is a commitment to your creativity? A creativity commitment is your decision….your declaration…your pledge to yourself and your creative process. Your commitment is bigger than any goal you could create or creative practice. Your commitment is the there’s-no-going-back, no-place-for-excuses, no-compromising place. It’s the be all, end all of your creative work. It’s why you >>Read More

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