How do YOU define creative freedom?

According to, freedom is “the power to determine action without restraint.” When you think about “creative freedom” what does that mean to you? If you lived a creatively free life, what actions would YOU take without restraint?

For many, the thoughts go like this:  “Ohhh…doesn’t that sound like the ultimate life?  The freedom to create when I want, what I want, in the life I’ve created.  Having no barriers, fears, financial issues…Oh yeah…I want creative freedom.”

Get ready to break free and travel your own road to creative freedom.

When you think about  creative freedom, what do YOU want?

For many people, creative freedom embodies 3 ideals:

  • The freedom to create authentically.
  • The freedom to create a life, job, relationships, and greater purpose that represents your deepest values.
  • The freedom to create without fear, self recrimination, or judgments (external or internal).

Do any of those ideals speak to you? If you say YES to any, the next big question is what does this REALLY mean to you?

In order to obtain creative freedom, you need to begin with a clear awareness of what creative freedom means to you. I mean TO YOU. Not to you spouse, your best friend, your boss, your mother, your children, or to anyone else who influences you.

You need to define what creative freedom means  to YOU.

Ask yourself these questions to define YOUR definition of creative freedom:

SIDE NOTE HERE: REALLY IMPORTANT: Make sure you ignore the other voices (inner voices in your head and external voices of others) of what other people define as creative freedom. Ask yourself, what do I really, really want as my creative freedom? (Set aside the shoulds, musts, have-to’s, need-tos, can’ts, etc….).

Let yourself envision your life when you are LIVING creative freedom.

Now, ask yourself these questions:

What does creative freedom look like to ME?

Where am I? Who am I with? What am I doing? Where do I live? Work? Who do I spend my time with? How do I spend the day?

What does creative freedom feel like to ME?

Think both emotionally and physically…. What emotions am I experiencing? Am I touching anything?

Do you need to let go of anything to create your freedom?

What are those things? (Don’t question WHY but just acknowledge them) Could it be procrastination? Other people’s dreams for you? A marriage? Old friends? Self doubt? Lack of time? Ask yourself what isn’t serving your desire to grow creatively and feel free?

Do you need to include, grow, or develop anything to create your freedom?

What do you need to make your creative freedom happen in your life? What things must you include to make it real? Do you have skills or ideas that need to develop?


A very important component to creative freedom is creating a supportive mindset for creativity. Do you believe in, trust in , and can you “be” in your creativity? Make sure you take this critical step to ensure your creative freedom is supported about how you think about your creativity.

If you are ready to define  your creative freedom then you are ready to live it.

Start today. Create today. Live your creative freedom TODAY.

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