Embrace Your Creative Dreams TODAY!

I believe we are all creative. I believe we have the power to create and live a life filled with creative freedom, joy, and true authenticity by expressing your creativity to your fullest potential. Whether you paint, sign, act, design, sculpt, write, compose, bake, or construct…with a creativity mindset you can create the meaningful life >>Read More


How do YOU define creative freedom?

According to Dictionary.com, freedom is “the power to determine action without restraint.” When you think about “creative freedom” what does that mean to you? If you lived a creatively free life, what actions would YOU take without restraint? For many, the thoughts go like this:  “Ohhh…doesn’t that sound like the ultimate life?  The freedom to >>Read More

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What IS creativity coaching? | Awaken Creativity

At Awaken Creativity, I believe creativity is the source of  meaning in our lives. Whether you define creativity as painting with oils, decorating a cake, reciting lines in a play, designing a home with Feng Shui, reciting lines on stage, writing  juvenile fiction , or cooking the most amazing meal… at Awaken Creativity, I believe >>Read More

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